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Nearly 3000 men and woman lost their lives 18 years ago today during the attacks of 9/11.  Today, we pause to remember that day, those that were lost in the face of terrorism in the attacks of the twin towers and pentagon and aboard united flight 93.  On that day, our nation saw evil at it’s worse and a nation of people that responded at their best.  People came together to do whatever they could to help.  Whether it was raising money, donating blood, or just being kind to strangers; we would not allow this act of terrorism to destroy us.

Today is not about their agenda, it is about ours.  It is about remembering all those lost and those family members who live today without their loved ones.  As a family member of a police officer and soldier; I pray everyday that our first responders are safe and that my loved ones return home safe. Each time I pass the American flag, I try to pause and remember the sacrifice that happened then and continues to happen today in the face of evil.  This country has emerged a united front and those stars and stripes represent our political, economic and religious freedom.  Simply put, today we remember!

I had the distinct honor of joining our Weymouth Firefighters this morning to remember those lost in the tragic events of September 11th.  

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